I Need a Soldier


Behind the lens | Austin Sowell

Dress | Nordstrom BP

Army Jacket | eBay

Booties | DSW

Choker | Forever21

Let me be honest... this is my favorite look to date. I channeled my inner Kim Kardashian who just lost the baby weight (lolz. *actually eats more food*) glow for this post. This is a super manageable and affordable look for anyone and immediately takes your wardrobe from meh to lit 🙆🏾✨.

The major key to this outfit is the army jacket. I bought this gem from eBay several years ago to recreate a $100 look on RunawayDreamz. I was almost ready to throw it in the give away pile recently but something just wouldn't let me. Clearly that jacket wasn't done with me. 

It's a bonafide army jacket, has a sergeant name on it an everything, so its actually made for cold weather. The off the shoulders bit is both a look and also a way to keep me from melting in this hot ass, abandoned subway. 

You really don't know the meaning of an LBD until you squeeze your 5'11, 43 inch ass into a Nordstrom BP basic. Sexy for pics, but boy was I yanking on that hem while click claking around downtown Chicago. Sorry BP, you delivered on the aesthetic but I won't be recommending this dress to anyone who would rather not worry about whether or not the bottom of their cheeks are exposed the whole night. Still cute doe 💁🏾.

I think I've over talked about chokers at this point (just kidding that's not possible) but if you're still being duped by Instagram shops — please love yourself. 1. Literally anything that is string-like, scarf-like or rope-like can be made into a choker. Or if you're a shameless lazy girl like we all so often are, opt for 2. Going to Forever21 and dropping $4.50 on a cheapie. You're golden. 

A black dress and thrifted army jacket becomes Balmain's next runway show in as easy as "Are you familiar with our return policy?"