I Need a Soldier


Behind the lens | Austin Sowell

Dress | Nordstrom BP

Army Jacket | eBay

Booties | DSW

Choker | Forever21

Let me be honest... this is my favorite look to date. I channeled my inner Kim Kardashian who just lost the baby weight (lolz. *actually eats more food*) glow for this post. This is a super manageable and affordable look for anyone and immediately takes your wardrobe from meh to lit πŸ™†πŸΎβœ¨.

The major key to this outfit is the army jacket. I bought this gem from eBay several years ago to recreate a $100 look on RunawayDreamz. I was almost ready to throw it in the give away pile recently but something just wouldn't let me. Clearly that jacket wasn't done with me. 

It's a bonafide army jacket, has a sergeant name on it an everything, so its actually made for cold weather. The off the shoulders bit is both a look and also a way to keep me from melting in this hot ass, abandoned subway. 

You really don't know the meaning of an LBD until you squeeze your 5'11, 43 inch ass into a Nordstrom BP basic. Sexy for pics, but boy was I yanking on that hem while click claking around downtown Chicago. Sorry BP, you delivered on the aesthetic but I won't be recommending this dress to anyone who would rather not worry about whether or not the bottom of their cheeks are exposed the whole night. Still cute doe πŸ’πŸΎ.

I think I've over talked about chokers at this point (just kidding that's not possible) but if you're still being duped by Instagram shops β€” please love yourself. 1. Literally anything that is string-like, scarf-like or rope-like can be made into a choker. Or if you're a shameless lazy girl like we all so often are, opt for 2. Going to Forever21 and dropping $4.50 on a cheapie. You're golden. 

A black dress and thrifted army jacket becomes Balmain's next runway show in as easy as "Are you familiar with our return policy?"



Graduating from Northwestern University was easily the best weekend of my life, and you know I had to do it in style. Though I took these as my senior photos, I like to call them Post-Grad. 

Lace Halter Top | Express

Palazzo Pants | ASOS

Behind the lens | Alaura Hernandez 

This outfit is the epitome of ideal resort-wear. Probably the single most important piece is that not only are these pants long enough, but in honesty I could have them hemmed! This is truly uncharted territory considering I'll be lucky to find a pair of jeans that hit my ankles correctly. ASOS Tall section will NOT fail you and I highly recommend anyone with an inseam of 34" or more to begin exclusively getting their pants from there. Not to mention you can always find a great range of sizes ;).


Dress | Missguided

Missguided is officially my new favorite retail brand. Every dress β€” and I literally mean every dress β€” is both on-trend and well-made. I now have three different freakum dresses (including the one shown) as well as a transparent bodysuit. I initially bought this dress for a Valentine's Day outfit but ended up not going anywhere and not wearing it (HA!). So, it only made sense for me to rock this uber-sexy cut-out to commemorate my biggest accomplishment in life. You can definitely catch me in the club wearing this little number again, probably paired with one of the shoes I'm presenting to you all in my shoe haul next week! 

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