Confessions of a Tall Girl


Yes, you're seeing double. The only thing better than one tall girl in a 70's outfit is TWO tall girls in 70s inspired looks. I've teamed up with the talent behind to bring you two amazing looks (and shoes) for the summer months. We both get real about what it was like growing up tall and having difficulty finding cute shoes in our size. Once you've checked out Shahirah's style, head over to her website to see mine! 


"Growing up it was extremely difficult having larger feet. I was never able to keep up with the latest styles my friends were lucky enough to wear and when it came to buying sneakers, I was only able to fit mens sizes. As I got older, it only became more challenging to find styles I loved. Everything I wanted stopped in a size 10 or whatever was in my size looked horrible. Choosing an outfit for events took weeks of planning. I learned to shop for shoes first then build my outfit from there. Thank God for the internet! Having larger feet, you are unable to walk into a shoe store and request anything in a size 12. I have spent hours scouring the web to find the best retailers that offer my size. It has been a difficult journey, but I've found a handful of retails that have options for us taller ladies with larger feet. Over the years, I've learned to accept who I am and decided I am no longer embarrassed by my feet. I feel empowered. I decided to turn my insecurities into an opportunity by creating a blog that is a go-to for women with shoe sizes 11 and up, making shoe shopping easier and more enjoyable."

Jumpsuit | Zara

Shoes | Torrid

Jewelry | Forever 21

Behind the lens: Christine Ta

Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, jumpsuit that girl's up to something. 

Jumpsuits are the cornerstone of stylish and comfortable. One piece, no hassle. Count me in every time. Shahirah wears the red ribbed jumpsuit from Zara. And, you're in luck because it's on sale! Tall girl approved and everything. I love this jumpsuit because it's versatile and, let's be real, that's really how every piece in your closet should be. Toss on a jacket and some white trainers for a chill Sunday look or take it up notch following Shahirah's lead. 


Step out of your comfort zone with these perfect chunky-heeled sandals from Torrid. Though Torrid is well-known for offering stylish plus-size pieces, those of you looking for trendy footwear in your size (i.e we all don't wear a size nine please and thank you) Torrid is about to become your best friend. 

Nothing goes with a red outfit like a cheetah print accessory. Okay, you may be looking at this post like "Is this chick crazy?" but hear me out. Animal print is definitely not dead. The key? Moderation. Be strategic with your accessories and choose toned-down, realistic prints to indulge in the trend we never were ready to let go of. 


And last but not least is the quintessential choker. I will continue to rave about this until my throat is sore but I'll spare you. The gold touch of the relaxed choker necklace is a perfect way to top-off your dressed-up look. Now, you're ready to go slay. 

Looking for my photo details? Click HERE to read my story and how I styled my 70s piece. 


Melanin Poppin

Hat | House of Black

Aaliyah T-shirt | eBay

Leather Jacket | Topshop

Moto jeans | Topshop

Hand jewelry | NASTYGAL

Behind the lens: Willow Durand

It may be Spring but I'm still in black, per usual. 

Leather jackets are for more than just warmth. Drape the jacket over your shoulders for a super chic daytime look!


Lately, I've been obsessing over vintage band-tees, but not your round-the-way rock band that you probably have never listened too. I wanted to find something that spoke to my musical taste. Cue: Aaliyah. We all love her and who needs an excuse to rock the queen? 


This top is super casual but with some help from heels and a great lipstick color your vintage tee is ready for a night out!

and alllsooooo.....THE HATS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!! Click on the "Shop" tab to pre-order "The Nailshop" and "Melanin Poppin" caps!

until next time loves.

xoxo Bisous!

Super Spring Break Haul

Spring break is right around the corner and I'm so excited because I'm going to COLOMBIA!!!!! Of course, I had to stock up on some new items to make sure I can stunt on everyone in Cartagena. Check out the SUPER haul of clothes and makeup I got to bring with me! 


Leo Burnett Creative Summer Internship 2016

Creativity drives everything that I do and for me, personal style is the highest form of artistic self expression. Fashion gives me the freedom to constantly evolve, reinvent and present myself to the world through my own lens. My aesthetic brands me and continues to heavily influence my art and writing along with the world's iconic moments and movements. I hope to have the opportunity to bring my fashion-influenced outlook and creative drive to Leo Burnett. #leointerns

Outfit #1:

Camel Coat | Asos

Velvet Dress | Thrifted from Village Discount

Outfit #2:

Satin Wrap Dress | Forever 21

Faux Fur Coat | NASTYGAL

Outfit #3:

Jumpsuit | Asos

Leather Jacket | Topshop

behind the lens | Eric Lopez

Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Ribbed Mock turtleneck | Topshop

High waisted floral wrap skirt | Topshop

Lace-up heels | Chinese Laundry

Gold chocker | Akira

Gold anklet | vendor in New Orleans

behind the lens: Felton Kizer

Considering it's unusually warm for the normally frigid month, I figured it was only right to post an outfit reminiscent of a warmer time of the year!

All decked out in Topshop, I'm absolutely in love with this floral wrap skirt. The style reminds me of Memoirs of a Geisha (one of my favorite movies) and who doesn't want to tap into the grace of a geisha? This skirt is a flirty statement piece in itself and requires very little dressing up to make a great look. Pair it with a solid color top for the perfect brunching outfit. 

For you tall ladies like me, buying skirts can be a weighing ordeal. If you can find something that properly covers your backside (bending over included), you're probably wearing a floor length style. Luckily for us, this skirt is the perfect length for just a *dash* of sexy. The high-waisted style has a little give for longer legs so you won't have to pull it down all day. Though this skirt is sold out everywhere online, grab it in a different color way



As a (almost graduated, haaaayyyyy) college student, having pieces that are cute and low maintenance is key. I want to be able to quickly pull something on but also look a step above sweats and a t-shirt. This mock turtleneck top is the answer and is why I own several different colors.  It's perfect for virtually ANY occasion and is extremely comfortable to boot. When hanging out with friends, I'll pair it with jeans and sneakers and I often style it for work with wide-leg pants or a mid-length skirt. 

When it comes to cute basics with a twist, Topshop never fails to provide. Their jersey and basic section always calls upon the latest trends while remaining some of the most affordable pieces in the store. 

Will chokers ever go out of style? I hope not because I'm obsessed. I really love this necklace from Akira. It's so classy and a great addition to make even the most casual outfits more dressy.

Last but certainly not least — the shoes. I call these my Kim K babies and feel super sexy anytime I wear them. Unfortunately, they are crazy uncomfortable and are only good for walking from the car  to your table in the club.  If you're ready for the challenge, buy a similar pair



Like my little baby bird tat? I got it in Chicago at Tatto Factory. The nighingale is a nod to my mother's beautiful singing voice and my own love to music. Cute yah?

Tell me how you're taking advantage of this warm December! 

Caramel Candy Apple

Coat | Asos

Pants | Topshop

Shirt | Macy's

Necklace set | Aldo Accessories

Shoes | Adidas Stan Smith

Backpack | Target

Photocred | Felton Kizer 

Hieeeeeeee! I'm back — again! 

As much as we tried to hold on to the vestiges of summer, fall is in full swing and it's officially time to break out the heavier stuff. The most important part of any fall wardrobe is a good coat. Fall is the unique time of year where we get to show our style through our outer wear before the polar vortex comes on and it's ugly, puffy coat season no matter how you spin it. This fall, I'm obsessed with camel and nude. Needless to say, I invested in (the most awesome) camel colored coat. 

A good coat is hard to find and even harder on your wallet. I got lucky with this sale steal from Asos. (I highly suggest perusing their sale section when you are doing online shopping. It's everything you could want except NOT a slew of overpriced basics.) The camel color is clean and sophisticated and is perfect to throw over any outfit. The trench style streamlines and lengthens your body — exactly what we all want in a coat. 

I'm always looking for alternatives to the hell-items commonly referred to as jeans. These ribbed, wide-leg pants from Topshop are my new go-tos this season. They're high-waisted and elastane so they keep it tight in all the right places and the wide leg is a great way to diverge from ultra skinny fits. Go from day to night with a pair of black pumps and a low-cut blouse. 

For those of us who aren't quite sneakerheads but still appreciate the movement, it's time to take a look at Adidas. Not just because Rihanna came and took the whole brand by storm, but also because their shoes have been majorly overlooked since their last burst of popularity in the early 2000s. I'm currently obsessed with the standard Stan Smith sneakers. They are ridiculously comfortable and have the minimalist style I'm going for on my casual days. Pair these Adidas with jeans, joggers or even a bodycon dress for a sleek, casual look.

How do you style your fall coat? Tell me in the comments below.

'Till next time loves.